What makes us different

A Cutting Edge Approach

  • At City Edge Physio you will receive cutting edge treatment.
  • Our physiotherapists have post graduate qualifications within Sports Physiotherapy and regularly undergo continuing education to ensure that we are able to provide the most up to date and evidence based physiotherapy treatment that we can.
  • Our clinic also regularly conduct post graduate training for physiotherapists specialising in sports physiotherapy and doctors undertaking sports medicine specialisation.
  • Both Danny (Sydney Thunder) and Patrick (Sydney Sixers and Kings XI) are the senior physiotherapists for professional 20/20 cricket teams.”

Professional but Relaxed Environment

  • We understand that you might be worried about your injury.
  • We also understand that if you haven’t had physiotherapy before, you might not be sure what to expect.
  • Our experienced and friendly staff ensure that our valued patients are cared for in a professional yet relaxed environment.

True Commitment To Our Patients

  • We have a genuine concern for our patients and our advice is always honest and straightforward.
  • We are patient focused and recovery oriented.
  • We are fully committed to doing all we can to help you recover from your injury.
  • If we can’t help you, then we make sure that we will refer you on to someone who can.

Talented and Trusted Team

  • We are experienced practitioners with a combined 35 years of clinical experience.
  • Whilst we care for many high profile sports people, we have also spent many years looking after children, mums and dads.
  • We are highly trained in diagnosis and rehabilitation and will always strive to provide exactly the right treatment for you.
  • We have an extensive and trusted network of health professionals and medical specialists that we interact and work closely with.

Personalised Hands On Treatment

  • Our physiotherapists will always offer one on one, hands-on treatment that is specific to your needs.
  • You will always receive a minimum of a 30 minutes one on one treatment session anytime you see us.
  • Your treatment will be always be individualised and it will be based upon the results of a detailed initial assessment and subsequent reassessments of your condition.

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