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Match Fit

City Edge Physio contributes to educational workshops around movement and posture to become Match Fit for work and life.
Match Fit authored by Andrew May and Tom Buckley.

Strive Stronger

Merryn is the Strive Stronger Physiotherapist and Performance Coach delivering the Body Overhaul program and Human Performance results coaching sessions for executives. Taking a purely holistic approach to optimising well-being and improving performance through physical conditioning for brain and body Merryn believes working with the team at Strive Stronger has been the missing link to her treatments. Strive stronger delivers human performance assessments, preventative medicine strategies in results coaching, 1:1 sessions, online programs for large groups and workshops.

Education & Teaching

Teaching across broad groups from students, coaches, athletes and executives Merryn has educated for over 10 years on physical function, injury prevention, and performance. She started teaching at the Australian College of Physical Education in the areas of Injury, Movement Mechanics and Injury Prevention in 2009-2011. She also gave lectures to Athletics Australia and New South Wales Institute of Sport until 2014.

More recently her teaching has spread into content on the digital platform of Strive Stronger as well as teaching at workshops for large corporate groups around movement, posture, body awareness, recovery and wellness.

Personalised prevention programs