Dry Needling

City Edge Physiotherapists are qualified to use Dry Needling and will often suggest its use as part of the treatment for certain injuries.
How does dry needling work?
Dry Needling is an effective way to eliminate trigger points in taut muscle bands found in many acute and chronic injuries or pain syndromes. Typically the needle is inserted into the taut band within the muscle until a “twitch response” is achieved. There is then a reflex relaxation and lengthening of the muscle and trigger point.
How is dry needling different to acupuncture?
Dry needling differs from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Where Acupuncture focuses on targeting “meridians”, Dry Needling is anatomically based, and used to penetrate the injured tissue directly. While both forms will provide pain relief, Dry Needling is aiming to restore normal tissue function.