The City Edge Knee Program

Do you have knee pain? Osteoarthritis? Or just in need of stronger knees?

"Exercise therapy reduces Osteoarthritis (OA) symptoms and disease progression"

  • 1 in 4 people over the age of 45 have sought treatment for OA
  • Pain often discourages people from land based exercise; leading to reduced activity levels, de-conditioning and increased body mass
  • This has a negative effect on symptoms and OA disease progression (pain and cartilage loss)
  • Treatment emphasis is now on limiting progression of the disease, rather than invasive intervention such as surgery or joint replacement.
  • Muscle strength plays an important role to reduce pain associated with knee OA
  • Increasing muscle strength can modify biomechanics, resulting in a decreased joint loading rate or localized stress in the articular cartilage, thereby playing an important role in both initiation and progression of knee OA

What can City Edge Physio do to help? 

City Edge Physiotherapy provides evidenced based exercise based rehabilitation by offering an 8 -12 week strength program for patients who are looking to improve knee pain. Designed by Sports Physiotherapist this program will strengthen your knees in turn reducing your knee pain and improving all functions.


  • Adult male or female with chronic knee pain
  • Lower leg weakness from chronic disease or post operative associated weakness


  • City Edge Clinic Rehabilitation Gym


  • Call us or book in online directly for an Initial Physiotherapy Consultation, a physiotherapists can then tailor your 8-12 program to meet the specific requirements identified in the assessment.
  • Commence physiotherapist supervised training in our clinic rehab gym 2-3 times per week
  • EPC plans (with GP referral) covers costs of 8 weeks training otherwise its only the cost of a small weekly fee for gym usage


  • Individual training goals
  • Cardio fitness program
  • Resistance Training
  • Balance Training