Pilates, Strength & Conditioning Programs

City Edge Physio believes in a multi disciplinary approach to rehabilitation which often requires an integration of other services into the treatment plan. This often means the physios at City Edge are working closely with other health service providers or fitness professionals to provide each patient with the highest possible standard of care that is required on an individual basis.

Pilates at City Edge

Pilates at City Edge is rehabilitative in nature and are 45 minute 1:1 sessions run by a physiotherapist. These sessions are reformer based and are operated in our City Edge Clinic gym. Call us to book your Pilates sessions with us today, health fund rebates are available.

These sessions aim to:

  • Teach and obtain adequate motor control techniques/patterns that have been altered or disengaged as the result of an injury. These basic patterns of motor and core control are important to regain from an injury recovery purpose and can be useful prior to resuming studio Pilates.
  • Prevent injuries when returning to sport and activity by restoring a pre-injury level of stability and core control through the spine, pelvis and hip transferring to the lower limbs.


City Edge works with Julieta Casa (Specialist Pilates Instructor) located in Paddington


  • Individual and Small Group classes are offered for patients that are wanting are more intensive approach to rehabilitation through Pilates. Advanced core stability progressions through all range of movements will ensure an optimal recovery from complex injuries.

Julieta Casa is a Highly Qualified Pilates & Yoga Instructor, with 13+ years of experience in the wellness industry. Originally from Argentina, she has been practicing Dance and Integral Yoga since her childhood; Julieta holds a Bachelor Degree in Dance and Choreography performance (Distinction of being the First Degree in Latinamerica with a major in Musical Theatre).

In 2005 she discovered the Pilates Method in Argentina, training at the National University Institute of Arts and has been devoted to this discipline since then. Passionate about movement she has also been trained as a Yoga Instructor, Cardiolates and Barre Instructor.

After practicing Pilates and running her own studio in Buenos Aires for 6 years, Julieta is based in Sydney since 2011. Working as a Senior Instructor for different studios, companies and Institutions, she has won great experience in injury rehab and prevention, back care, sport conditioning, mobilisation and pre-post natal sessions.

Julieta’s Classes have a Holistic approach, engaging mind and body “as a journey” through her sessions. With sensitivity and empathy in her teaching, she challenges and helps clients to achieve their goals at their own pace. Her ability is the management of pain, relaxation and stretching, through her extensive knowledge, Yoga practice, Reiki experience and a Master in Stretching Techniques. Her mission is to provide the best care and service to her clients, across a variety of styles to create sessions that are safe, challenging and enjoyable.

In 2014 Julieta Casa opened her Boutique Pilates & Yoga Studio with a full range of Pilates & Yoga services in the heart of Paddington, offering a unique wellnes experience at the highest standard of instruction.

Strength & Conditioning at City Edge

Treatment of injuries require muscle strengthening to assist the regeneration of the injury back to pre-injury state. For patients who have had injuries that require a lengthy rehab period (e.g. ACL rehab, stress fractures) not only is there loss of strength from the area of injury but the overall deconditioning that occurs can often be injury risk factor for further injury once returning to activity. These patients may  require a more advanced overall strength and conditioning program to prepare the body for return to all activity, sport and competition.