Posture Program

Why is posture important?

The benefits of improving posture are for both health and performance. I have spent years observing posture whilst working at international sporting competitions around the world. You see shapes and sizes that you didn’t know possible and also differences across cultures. Posture is dictated by our genetics but we can all train our postures to be strong, mobile to give us the positive powerful energy that helps our confidence and performance. Yes, I believe posture has a link to performance, and I have many clients both sporting and executive that are on individualized postural programs to get all the health and performance benefits of postural corrections.

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Poked neck

Rounded shoulders

Lower back, Pelvis & Hips

Low back pain

Tight hips



Flat feet

Achilles pain

Stiff ankles

Posture exercises

An individualised posture program with exercises specific to your areas of weakness is the best way to make improvements on your posture.