Sport Specific Screenings

What are Musculskeletal Screenings?

Assessments designed to identify potential problems / injuries before they occur, and determine how to enhance performance in your chosen sport.

Who should be screened?

Whilst Musculoskeletal Screening's are used to assess athletes in elite sport, it is perhaps even more valuable in the growing athlete. As a child grows, their body shape, strength, coordination and flexibility change as well.  Musculoskeletal Screening helps find problem areas, thus allowing correction of imbalances before they become more significant, and lead to injury.

What do screenings include?

  • Medical history
  • Posture and alignment assessment
  • Soft tissue flexibility and strength
  • Movement patterns
  • Strength and endurance
  • Sports specific testing (e.g running technique, bowling technique, stroke analysis)

How do I interpret the results of a screening?

Following Musculoskeletal Screening you are provided with information about any potential problems and how to address them. This could be as simple as a basic stretching or corrective exercise program, or it may include further assistance from the appropriate Physiotherapist. Recommendations for training modifications and discussion with coaches or other health professionals involved can also happen.


** Please make enquiries about screenings with us directly by calling (02) 9212 5283 and asking to speak directly with one of our sports physiotherapists